Two Worlds II - Arena Fights

Two Worlds II, if I ever underestimated a game it’s this one! The game has grabbed me and I can’t stop playing icon razz Two Worlds II – Enter the Arena ! The graphics are very good and it runs very smooth, the engine of this game is truly awesome. The gameplay is amazing as well, you can sneak into people’s houses at night and steal everything they have if you want of conjure up a tornado which will pick up any object and debris lying around and act as your personal defense system. Conjure up potions (with A LOT of different combinations and recipes!) or battle a Cyclops in an illegally founded underground arena.

This article is about the latter. I recorded the better fights of the arena (the ones before these are humans vs humans), check out how I square off against a huge spider, a were beast, a champion mage and a big fatty Cyclops. My character is build / specced like a tank, lots of points in vitality and strength. Remember to watch all the video’s in 1080p HD, for your viewing pleasure and so that I don’t spend hours rendering in full HD.

This is the first video, in this I kill a huge spider. An easy fight because my sword is too fast for it to recuperate most of the time. Be sure to also watch the dialogue at the end, the arena master and the main character say some funny things.

Second video! I wasn’t expecting this one because they didn’t say what I was up against before entering the arena. It’s a fast and annoying Were Beast. If it would’ve fought me man to were-man the fight would have taken half of the time!

Champion Mage:
The third video, another easy fight! Me versus a Champion Mage, don’t know why he was the champion because I kicked his ass with ease. Most of the opponents in-game can’t beat the speed of my sword. When he got to around half his HP he started spewing some fire around, crazy old pyromaniac! Still I doused this fire.

Last but not least the fourth video. This fight was actually very hard, and in all honesty this video was the third take. The first two tries this thing annihilated me! I had to block every one of his blows with my shield or else he would be able to stun me and kill me in one combo. Luckily my character is a tank and can block without taking too much damage (hardly any at all). So this fat ugly Cyclops also fell to my blade and with that I became the Champion of the arena.

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